Areon's Home Perfumes professional photo session took place near the town of Vetralla, Italy. The place was extremely beautiful and charming, which inspired us even more.

Areon Home Perfumes Photoshoot


Vetralla is a town and comune in the province of Viterbo, in central Italy. Vetralla sits on the slope of Mount Fogliano at the crossroads of three important Roman roads - via Cassia, via Clodio, and via Aurelia, only about an hour north of Rome. 

Local legend says that Vetralla dates back to the Biblical figure of Noah, who ran the Ark aground here on the heights of Valle Cajana and availed himself of the excellent wines found there to refresh himself from the epic floods. They say that's why grapes figure prominently in the municipal coat of arms.

Home Perfumes Areon - Vetralla


During the photo shoot we tried to present some of our unique home perfumes in the best possible way, we tried to personify the fragrances with the photos, we tried to recreate a real feeling and charm and we believe we succeeded!


Areon's photo session took place outside the luxurious Villa Tuscolana, just kilometers southeast of Rome in Italy.

The goal was to shoot professional photos for some of our favorite car air freshener brands like VIP, Sport Lux, Fresco, Gel Can and more.

The place captivated us from the very beginning with its charm, spirit and rich history. We knew it was perfect for us.


On the slopes of Tusculum stands the legendary Villa Tuscolana. Located on the hill above the town of Frascati, it was built in 1578 by order of Cardinal Alessandro Rufini on the site of the ruins of the ancient Roman residence of Marco Tullio Cicerone.

Over the centuries, thanks to its indisputable charm, Villa Tuscolana has belonged to many of the most important families of the Roman nobility.

In 1834 the poet Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, a guest in the Villa, was so impressed and enraptured that he even dedicated a sonnet to it: "La Rufinella". During the Second World War the Villa was damaged by bombing and was subsequently restored by the Order of the Salesians who transformed it into the prestigious accommodation facility that we all know today.


We believe in the quality of our products and know that our brand deserves it. The experience was amazing, the dedication of the whole team was remarkable. We believe that we did a good job and we are happy with the results.

Last but not least we want to thank everyone who participated in the photo shoot and gave their all!